Was A Deadly Virus Released From A Secret Lab or Is The Truth More Complex?


Of course one of the most common theories that has spread around is that COVID-19 was an engineered virus that was either leaked or intentionally spread from a secret lab. Part of a depopulation agenda perhaps? Either way, it would be from one of the labs like Lyme disease may have been leaked from Plum Island's lab 257 which was the secret lab run as a joint project between the US Army and the Dept of Agriculture for researching animal disease. That lab may have been responsible for numerous outbreaks such as Lyme disease and the West Nile Virus.

So are bioengineered viruses truly a threat or is that just the cabal's wet dream that never became feasible and they had to resort to more complex methods?

In today's two videos you'll hear from a few Doctors and researchers who have been blowing the whistle on this fiasco some for many years of their career. Dr. Judy Mikovits has recently published the sold-out book called “Plague of Deception” and a previous scientific expose which is the basis for the new book which is loaded with all the journal references and documentation to prove her case.

She asserts as I understand it that Cov-2 (Novel Coronavirus COVID-19) is a new coronavirus which is rather mild except for extremely immune-compromised individuals and is less pathogenic than SARS.  A mild flu-like condition is the basic outcome for most. One of the points she makes is that there is an intentional manipulation of the statistical numbers with Covid-19 in order to spread fear.

She says that the “Plague of Corruption” involves an agenda to spread erroneous treatment protocols which basically are treating the wrong condition. Anyone who spreads valid information is thus ostracized or flat out censored.

The real story, according to Dr. Judy Mikovits and paraphrased here (I'm personally waiting for her book so this will be updated after a full read) involves speeding up the evolution of a virus with what is called “gain of function” which simply means it can not only infect epithelial cells in the lungs it also has the ability to infect white blood cells. This is partly accomplished from an HIV envelope inclusion in some of the viral particles. This is critically affecting the immune system.

She basically explains that electromagnetic exposure, such as from 5G and other technologies, can lead to the release of iron from the hemoglobin leaving ferritin in the blood and the loss of the ability of the blood to carry oxygen. This would trigger a cytokine storm leading to a cascade of metabolic dysfunction. This actually represents an overactive dysregulated immune function due to the loss of type 1 interferon function due to an extreme inflammatory response.

She claims from her laboratory research that the deeper issue is an interaction with retroviruses originally from mouse tissue (confirmed isolated from individuals CFS, Leukemia, Lymphoma, other cancers,  COPD, etc.) which have become part of the human virome mostly through vaccines from the last few decades (Polio, MMR). These can lead to defects in the Interferon 1 pathway.

Dr Judy claims that coronaviruses on their own don't cause blood clotting disorders but in this more complex interaction between COV-2, XMRV (mouse retrovirus allegedly jumped from mouse tissue that can be dormant in humans for years and injected in contaminated vaccines) when triggered by various environmental triggers (electromagnetic exposure (iron separates from hemoglobin), glyphosate exposure (Glutathione deficiency) or another source of extreme inflammatory response) leads to a cytokine storm and a cascade of symptom complex breaking down many basic metabolic functions. This syndrome is especially vulnerable to immune-compromised individuals such as those with Interferon 1 pathway dysfunction.

This all leads to a positive outcome with Hydroxy Chloroquine (an off-patent anti-malarial drug) and zinc therapy due to it's ability to turn off the cytokine storm by reactivating the immune function. Now you have a thorough explanation of why this protocol seems to work so well with those that are extremely ill right now and will work more effectively and much more safely than expensive ventilators.

These “stealth” XMRV infections have been proven from Dr. Judy Mikovits work to be very treatable by natural therapies. The current pandemic is a result of various combinations of factors that trigger a cascade of dysregulated blood function.