Ed the Sock whitewashes Trudeau’s past racist actions


I’ve written quite a bit about how Justin Trudeau’s extended history of blackface has come to define not just his party, but the liberal movement at large.

Now Ed the Sock, otherwise known as Steven Kerzner, one of Trudeau’s most vocal defenders on social media appears to be dead set on proving me right.

The 52-year-old sock puppet decided to post the following tweet on Thursday, arguing that the only time Trudeau wore blackface was when he was a teenager and that by extension because he had helped people of colour, we should move on.

This, of course, ignores the far more extended history of Trudeau and blackface. As many now know, Trudeau wore blackface more times than he can remember, and according to himself, only learned that it was racist when he became a member of parliament.

Within moments, users pointed out that Trudeau had done the act from the age of 15 until he was at least 29.

The Sock’s response?

Aladdin wasn’t blackface, and because there is no “North American” parallel, it didn’t count as racist intent.