Reactions to Canada’s UN vote against Israel and our editorial “Trudeau joins the jackals”


“Trudeau joins the jackals” was one of The Suburban’s best editorials ever. Written from the heart and from the gut, awe feel it in our hearts and in our guts. God only knows how right you are.

Barbara Pisani


Great editorial on Canada’s UN betrayal. It’s too bad it had to be written. Its' not the first time Liberals betrayed the Jews. Not that long ago Trudeau apologized to the Jewish community for closing the door on European Jews fleeing the Holocaust, and here we go again.

Yuri Krausz


Thirteen months after Canada wrote a $50 million cheque to UNRWA and 23 months after abstaining from a special UN General Assembly vote affirming any declaration of Jerusalem as the sovereign capital to be "null and void" and people are acting so surprised? Seriously? This is just the warm-up.

Jeff Joseph

Côte St. Luc

Such sad news for Canada! So wrong any way you look at it. Trudeau will be famous all right, but in a very bad way! He will go down in history but in shame..

Johanne Gauthier


It was clear from before his first election what his views were. He has always spoken about how great China was, how it runs the country, he’s proud of Cuba, he called Canadians the worst racists. He has his definition of Canada which many don't accept. He even tried to explain away Arab countries' breaches of women's rights. So to be honest, I'm not surprised that Trudeau would vote against Israel.

Nick Minotti


Canada’s vote against Israel was INSANE. This will never get us on the Security Council. We shouldn't have anything to do with the UN  let alone the council. Let’s use all those dollars here at home instead .

Manfred Pungartnik


The UN vote against Israel was disgusting. But nothing he does should surprise or disgust us anymore. An excerpt from the poem "In Praise of Feeling Bad About Yourself" by Wislawa Szmborska...." A jackal doesn't understand remorse. "