Where is capitalism headed?


So what is a 'Green Swan'?

The Green Swan is a symbol of radically better times to come. It’s also a template for exponential change toward the distant goal of a sustainable future for all. Getting from here to there will be no trivial task, however. Times of disruptive change upend market and political pecking orders, creating political shock waves that can last for decades — even generations.

As a decade, meanwhile, the 2020s do not yet seem to have sticky branding like the "Noughties" or the "Teens," but they will, and that branding will likely reflect a period of exponential change. The Exponential Twenties? To paraphrase Dickens, this will be the worst of times for those clinging to the old order, yet potentially the best of times for those embracing and driving the new. Buckle your safety belt.

This book, my 20th, has had an unusually long genesis. It has morphed and mutated considerably along the way. You can expect an often personal account of a learning journey that has taken me around the world and, at times, deep into the future. It’s an investigation, an exploration, not a definitive, unified field theory. It is intended as the beginning of a conversation, not the end.