Trudeau reconvenes Parliament, calls for action on climate change


Toronto, Canada - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Thursday called for action on climate change, but it did not explicitly mention oil or pipelines, offending Conservatives.

Trudeau's Liberals won October's election, with 156 seats, but lost the majority in Parliament, meaning they must work with at least one opposition party to get legislation. 

In his throne speech on Thursday, Trudeau repeated his promise to reduce Canada's emissions to net-zero by 2050.

"Canada's children and grandchildren will judge this generation by its action - or inaction - on the defining challenge of the time: climate change," Canada's governor general Julie Payette said, reading from the throne speech, which she delivered on behalf of Trudeau. "A clear majority of Canadians voted for ambitious climate action now, and that is what the government will deliver."

Every new session of Parliament opens with a throne speech that describes the government's vision for Canada going forward. The governor general read the speech Thursday afternoon while Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sat silently next to her.

To get the opposition's support, he needed to include policy measures in the throne speech that would make them happy. Canada's members of Parliament will debate the speech on Friday, and vote to either support or reject it before Trudeau can govern.