One Pest in Your Home? More Are Nearby, So Call the Pros


The instant you see one pest in your home, you know you’ve got a big problem on your hands. Mice, bedbugs, roaches, and rats don’t travel solo. Far from it.

That’s why the second you see one pest, you feel and dread the presence of hundreds more. Thankfully, professional pest control experts are here to solve your problems. Here’s how they do it.

Custom Sprays

The sprays you find on convenience store and hardware store shelves will work, but only a bit. True, you’ll spray the infested area and return later to see the desiccated husks of some pests. However, so long as a good chunk remains alive, they’ll breed, and soon, their population will return to what it was or even grow larger.

The leading pest control services in Toronto use custom sprays their technicians create specifically for each pest. Their expert knowledge determines the chemical composite used, not just how they go about fighting back in the war against pests. Don’t waste time and money on half-solutions that’ll merely put a dent in your pest problem.

You might think that the winter is a downtime for pests since it’s freezing out. After all, there are no mosquitoes in winter, right? Many pests like rats, mice, and cockroaches look for warm places to spend the winter, and that often means indoors. A single pest means dozens or hundreds are around the corner, and you’ll need the strongest spray available.

Safe for the Home and Environment

People may wonder, if the chemicals are harsh enough to kill pests outright, are they safe for the environment or their four-legged friends? The good news is, yes, they are!

The best pest control service’s custom spray treatments only use ingredients approved by Health Canada. Everything in them has been tested and controlled for. A credible government body has given its thumbs up.

You can sit back, relaxed in the knowledge that the sprays will wreak havoc on the pest infestation without disrupting the life of your pet or causing any environmental damage.

Proactive Protection

What’s better than totally uprooting a stubborn pest infestation? Preventing one from occurring in the first place.

That’s why the best pest control services offer Home Protection Plans aimed at keeping your home pest-free all along. First, they’ll visit your property to inspect for pests or anything that attracts pests.

After eliminating anything they potentially find, they’ll issue preventative treatments to actively discourage pests from stepping foot on your property. Finally, they’ll return multiple times to ensure the treatment works. It almost always does! But in the very rare case where it doesn’t, they’ll kill any pests found for free.

Pests might be small, but they have a large impact on how you feel in your home. They’re invasive, making you feel like you no longer control who is in your home. This winter, if you see a single pest inside, call the leading professional pest control experts to handle it.