Officials determine cause of death for man who died after receiving COVID-19 shot


PLACER COUNTY, Cali. (WJW) — The Placer County Sheriff’s Office – Coroner Division is sharing new details about a man who died hours after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

According to a press release, the vaccine did not play a role in the 64-year-old’s death.

“We have learned that not only had he recently been diagnosed with COVID-19, he also had underlying health issues, and had been exhibiting symptoms of illness at the time the vaccine was administered. Clinical examination and lab results have determined the COVID-19 vaccine has been ruled out as a contributing factor in the individual’s death,” officials said.

The man, who was employed as a healthcare worker at a facility in Placer County, began complaining of side effects within 10 minutes of the vaccination. He died on Jan. 21.

The sheriff’s office said they decided to notify the public about his death due to the timing.

An apology was also issued for how they handled the initial announcement. Some people were reportedly upset because they thought there wasn’t enough information provided, which they claim caused panic.

“We would also like to take this moment to sincerely apologize for some of the Facebook comments made by our agency after we first informed the community of this incident. We realize how they were taken by the public, and it should not have happened.”