As if there already wasn't enough of a reason to worry this vaccine may not be the safest, reports of people dying shortly after taking the vaccine are piling up.

Granted, the official story is these deaths were related to other factors. But without public autopsy reports there is no way of knowing if these statements are true or just propaganda to get people to take this unusually unsafe vaccine. 

The first case was a healthcare worker who dropped dead for no apparent reason 48 hours after taking the vaccine. As the Daily Mail writes:

Ms Acevedo's employers confirmed the dead woman had been vaccinated against coronavirus on December 30 and said they had not been notified of any 'undesirable effect' when she was jabbed or in the hours afterwards.

The Portuguese Institute of Oncology said in a statement: 'With regards to the sudden death of an operational assistant from the Porto IPO on January 1, 2021, the Board of Directors confirms the event and expresses sincere regret to family and friends in the certainty that this loss is also felt here.'

It added: 'The explanation of the cause of death will follow the usual procedures in these circumstances.'

In addition to her, an elderly Israeli man died of a heart attack shortly after receiving the vaccine. However, he reportedly had multiple heart attacks, heart disease, and cancer. So it is likely that he did not die of the vaccine. Still, the timing is a bit weird.

As RIA Novosti reportedly claimed:

The 75-year-old man was vaccinated against COVID-19 this morning and died at home shortly after. The man had heart disease and cancer and had suffered multiple heart attacks before, RIA Novosti quoted the ministry.

Additionally, an 88-year-old man ALSO died shortly after taking the vaccine. His "official" cause of death is not yet confirmed, but the man had numerous preexisting illnesses, according to The Jerusalem Post:

An 88-year-old Israeli died just hours after receiving the coronavirus vaccine on Tuesday, a day after a 75-year-old Israeli died due to a heart attack also shortly after receiving the vaccine.

. . .

Hadassah University Medical Center explained that the 88-year-old suffered from complicated and severe background illnesses.

However, the reports don't even stop there. In Switzerland, ANOTHER elderly man died after receiving the vaccine. He was a nursing home patient. The "official" report states it is "highly unlikely" that he died due to the vaccine. The "official" cause of death is "natural causes" because the man also had multiple illnesses:

Swiss drugs regulator swissmedic on Wednesday said it saw no link between the death of a 91-year old person in the canton of Lucerne and the COVID-19 vaccine, adding the deceased suffered from multiple illnesses before getting the shot.

"Clarifications by cantonal health authorities and swissmedic determined that, as a result of the illness history and disease course, a link between the death and the COVID-19 vaccine was highly unlikely," the regulator said in a statement.

One constant that can be seen in all these cases is these people died shortly after taking the Coronavirus vaccine. This is NOT proof the vaccine killed these people, but, at a minimum, it warrants a careful looking into.