Toronto City Council passes ban on feeding pigeons


Toronto City Council has adopted a plan to ban the feeding of pigeons.

“Large flocks of birds in public and private spaces create harmful nuisance because they interfere with the enjoyment and use of public and private property and can cause significant property damage,” the city motion states.

Pigeon droppings also attract rats.

“Rats are well known carriers of disease that can be transmitted to humans. In addition to the issues of social annoyance, excessive pigeon droppings from hundreds of birds concentrated in small areas can create unhealthy and unsanitary conditions.”

The motion to ban the feeding of pigeons passed without discussion.

Before, feeding pigeons was only banned in city parks.

City Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam, Ward 13-Toronto Centre, sponsored the motion.

In the motion, Wong-Tam said Toronto’s pigeons are well fed mainly because they live where humans do and residents feed them for many reasons ranging from “the birds’ well-being to engaging in social activities and preventing food wastage.”