Cord-cutting guide: How to finally ditch your cable TV subscription


(NC) Today, many people are letting go of traditional television services in favour of streaming apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. These give you on-demand flexibility, access to tons of content and are often more affordable than a cable package. If you still haven’t cut the cord, here are some tips to seamlessly make the switch:

Take advantage of free options. As cable television channels watch their live audience numbers dwindle, they’ve started to post more shows on their website, usually only a day later than the original airing. Check out the websites of your favourite channels to see what it’s available. Also, as our public broadcaster, CBC has many current and past shows, movies and miniseries available free on its website and app.

Reevaluate your subscriptions. When was the last time you actually watched anything on that obscure horror movie streaming service you signed up for? Have a look at all your traditional cable channels and streaming subscriptions to see what you really need and use, and feel free to cut the rest. What about the last time you checked out something on that premium cable channel? If you do still use anything on your cable subscription, most anything can be found online either free or via subscription, so do a bit of research to find your top pick.

Consider getting an antenna. In Canada, many channels are offered free-to-air via antenna, so it’s a great resource that many forget about. Usually, the lower channels on your cable subscription are available on antenna, and these often air live sports, regional news and local weather, perfect for avid fans to still get their fix and keep up with local events.

Make the most of your content. Interested in “cutting the cord” but still want to enjoy an affordable cable tv-like experience? TiVo Edge for antenna gives you access to live, recorded and streaming tv all from one device, optimizing every scene for the richest, sharpest and most vibrant picture possible. You won’t miss cable with handy features that let you search across platforms and apps, record shows and skip commercials.